5 Makeup Mistakes You Should not Make

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While women have made their faces for centuries, studies show that most of them make mistakes when applying it. The most common mistakes include:

Using the wrong brush

This is common for people who are new to makeup. While the brush may look the same, they are intended for different roles. When you use the wrong brush you do not achieve ideal results. To be on the safe side you should always do your research and make sure that you are buying and using the right brush. For your units to survive for a long time looking after them. It calls for you to regularly clean them.

Applying makeup on dry skin

Not everyone is blessed with beautiful skin moist. Many people apply makeup like a moist, crusted their friends. This is wrong. If you have dry skin, you first need to moisturize. According to experts, when you apply makeup on your dry skin includes peeling skin and makeup you apply to sit on your face, not a blend. In addition to moisturize your skin, experts recommend that you exfoliate at least once a week to reduce dryness.

excessive eyebrow

You need to really do your eyebrows for you to look good. In a bid looks great, some women go overboard and exaggerated eyebrows. The consequence is a strange appearance. According to the makeup experts, the main reason why most people exaggerated their eyebrows is because using the wrong tool. Experts report that you are more likely to have this problem when you use an eyeliner pencil is too soft and apply a lot of eyeliner.

Trying to plump your lips

You must have heard that the lip plumb give a sexy look. While this is true, the perfect look is usually done by an expert. Most people do not know how to do it and when they try, they often appear as if they have had plastic surgery that failed. If you want to create the illusion of plump lips you should visit a professional.

Applying makeup in the wrong way

You will be surprised at the number of women who do not know how to properly apply makeup. Some circles makeup a little on the apples of their cheeks and this gives them a doll or a clown display. To see you've got a makeup of apples, along your cheekbones to your temples.

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